A Steel Magnate & Managing Director Of Two Steel Manufacturing Ventures

Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a veteran of steel industry with an encounter of 20+ years, this steel financier observed the energy in managing steel structures and items producing and was just 20 when understood that steel has an incredible edge and can be turned for use to support a beneficial business.

It was his sheer conviction and thought that prompted the groundwork of his large endeavor called Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Ltd. furthermore, other endeavor named Metal Berg Manufacturing Limited to dedicatedly serve the West Africa and Nigerian market with all around the world endorsed and normalized steel items. Kassem Mohamad Ajami offers the assistance with the top notch process-based approach as he brings his 14 years’ insight into his work. His outrageous administration characteristics made him a predominant pioneer, driving a group of excellent chief pioneers like CFO, General Managers and the wide range of various colleagues.

This steel financier cum industrialist was quick to set up a design where organizations or clients can observe all the steel fabricated arrangements and items under one hood. That too with outrageous quality and accreditation drawn by outsider worldwide quality affirmation group.

Their point is to disperse a wide scope of items as far as size, shape, aspects, all redid according to the various enterprises or business setting’s necessities.

The key behind overseeing both the endeavors is – his vision to cuddle the worldwide market with cutthroat and quality items.

What makes Kassem Mohamad Ajami so productive in overseeing two endeavors? His guilty pleasure in development, designing of items that are redone to execute and are coursed at rates that are effectively acknowledged.

His point is to focus on the worldwide market by using the rich assets and markets of all of Nigeria with steel item that simply mixes in any business interaction as well as works in a roundabout way to assist organizations with harvesting further benefits and long haul yields.

His methodology being dexterous and versatile has what prompted the groundwork of two major chains.

His chief endeavor Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria is committed to designing steel constructions to modern areas basically – Aluminum smelters, weighty businesses, concrete plants, stockpiling stations, truck bodies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Another, Metal Berg Manufacturing Limited is an individual from Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited and is centered around steel development and creation. The organization makes pre-designed structures (PEB) for distribution centers and multi-story structures and wide scope of administrations including Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, Silos and Tanks, Manufacturing of Cylinders and Overhead Cranes, TMT Rebars, Ship rejecting.